Australia Bags
I'm releasing my range of Johnny B bags now. These are a retro design and have the most comfortable feel you can imagine like holding the hand of your lover. They are warm and fit to your hand like it’s meant to be there. They will only cost $49.95 each and it will most likely be the most comfortable bag you’ll ever own. I’m wholesaling these bags direct to the public as I want them to remain affordable. I personally make these bags myself so if you don’t see my Johnny B label on it then its just not he same. Original Johnny B bags are only available from Geelong Warehouse Traders 370 Thompson Road, Geelong Victoria in Australia.

We also import bags from around the world and have hundreds in stock. We try and bring in something different rather than what everyone else has. Most of our bags are handmade and embroidered. The video only shows a small selection as we keep adding to the collection on a regular basis. So it pays to pop in and see for yourself.
These are just a sample of some of the bags we have. Many more are available in varied types and colours.
We have great looking bags at affordable prices!
We have hundreds of ladies belts too to match that special outfit. Average price of belts is only $15.95 each!
We have many more bags starting at around $9.95 each!