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Special Teaching For Special Needs
                                                            Concepts Written By John Boom 2015

                                                This is the final updated version!
       With this book teachers can then develop unlimited programs using the concepts provided.
Taking kids out of the two dimensional world and teaching them in the interactive three dimensional world. My Special Teaching For Special Needs” methods can be used by teachers, parents and carers alike for special needs kids and those that may have trouble learning by regular teaching methods. And also for some of those borderline kids that just pass through the school education system.
This could help thousands of kids around the world with learning issues. Test the methods yourself as sometimes it gets results in just minutes where regular teaching has received very little. It can make a massive difference for some kids that had trouble with understanding and speaking. It’s a huge breakthrough for many kids with learning issues.
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This new book of mine can help thousands of kids with learning issues worldwide so please spread the word about it. I can supply registered schools with a FREE PDF copy for those that want to trial these concepts. The printed versions are more for parents and carers wanting to aid their kids learning from home with some extra help. This book is not about making money it's about helping those that need it the most.
Registered Schools worldwide can email me at:  for their PDF FREE copy.